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How to make a bootable USB drive for Windows 11

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hello everyone Today i will show you how you can create a windows 11 bootable USB flash drive

the first thing that we have to do is to download the iso file of Windows 11. Windows 11 ISO so you can come directly to this page

where you have the windows 11 disk image once you are here you have to scroll down till you find this option here

windows 11 ISO

Download windows 11 disk image and here you choose windows 11 you click over download.

then you have to choose the language that you want this iso file to be and then you click over confirm after that it will show a 64-bit download you just click over it

And now the download of windows 11 has started and it is around 5.1 gigabytes while this file is downloading

Make a bootable USB drive

Rufus Tool

we need to use another tool in order to make a bootable USB drive in our case

I’m going to use the tool Rufus Tool and you can just search over google Rufus and then you’ll have this website Rufus bootable.

create bootable USB drives the easy way you just click over it you scroll down on the web page of Rufus

till you find this option here to download Rufus you just click over Rufus 3.16 and the Rufus will start downloading we just double click over it and Rufus will open.

now I can start the process of making a bootable USB drive after the iso file of windows 11 have been fully downloaded

so here I have to select the device in my case it’s only one USB plugged in on my computer

Here I need to choose boot selection in our case is iso image and then I click over here select.

Select ISO

here now I have to browse to the folder where it is saved iso file of Windows 11.

I just select it and then I click over open here you have the possibility to choose the partition scheme in my case I’ll choose nvr where you can see the difference between MBR and GPT once you select the partition scheme

then you can define a volume label for your USB I’ll write windows 11. I’ll choose the file system NTFS and once I’m done

Now i click The start button

before start, you have to keep in mind that all data on this USB drive will be destroyed and if you want to continue this operation you click over okay this process will take some time.

once it’s over you will see a notification here about the status of the USB which says ready and now you can just close Rufus.

if I go over this pc I can see my USB is ready now I can use this USB as a bootable device in order to install windows 11 on other devices that’s all that you have to do to create a bootable Windows 11 USB drive.


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