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Top 5 Best FREE Video Editing Softwares For PC

what’s up guys today I’m going to show you, video editors, for various purposes some will be for basic editing like making a slideshow and then I’ll show you some editors

which is for more professional editing like making short films and documentaries and there are two requirements for all of these editors

first, it has to be completely free and the second requirement is that it shouldn’t have any watermark

5 Best Video Editing Softwares

Open Short

Number 1 video editor is open short so you can get this on mac or on windows and this is a perfect video editor for first-timers so over

you can see the user interface it’s extremely simple to use if someone is editing for the first time you really like this and one good thing about this editor is that even though

it’s simple and easy to use they haven’t compromised on any features in fact it has more features than the built-in windows editor

I’ll quickly show you some of the features so as you can see they have many effects after that you can add 3d titles

then you can zoom in zoom out change the speed of videos so if you’re a beginner and now you know start editing

I feel that an open shot is a perfect way to start

Windows Video Editor

Number 2 editor is the built-in windows video editor so you’ll find this on all windows 10 and windows 11 laptops

so I’d say that this video editor is one of the easiest to learn and simplest to use and this can be used for various projects like making a slideshow or just combining two videos and adding some music at the back

so they’ve many features I’ll just show you some of them quickly, first of all, you can see the user interface

it’s extremely simple to use it works on drag and drop after they have some features like adding text then adding music and filters and one thing

What I really liked about the built-in windows editor is that it’ll render all of the videos extremely quickly

so even if your laptop isn’t that powerful this can render four to five-minute video in about 30 seconds which is extremely good

Davinci Resolve

Number 3 video editor is Davinci resolve so this is a professional video editor and so once

I personally use to edit all of my videos and it’s the perfect video editor for all intensive video editing like making short films documentary

so this is extremely similar to premiere pro which you find on mac but this is completely free to use

over here you can see the user interface you have different sections for media than for editing

then fusion so it’s just filled with many things and whatever you need for editing you’ll find all of that in here but using this does have some cons the first being that

it’s extremely complicated to use so even though I’ve been using this for about six months

now I haven’t learned half of the features and for someone using this for the first time it can be very intimidating

so I’d say you first use something else and then move on to this and the second con is that a powerful laptop is required

you can obviously download this on all laptops but usually, you should have 16GB ram then a graphic card so in general, it does work best with a powerful laptop


Number 4 editor is vsdc so this is only available for windows but it’s quite a popular editor so this has many features although

it is a bit more complicated as compared to the previous two also support split-screen videos after they’ve color correction then you can zoom in zoom out reverse a video

so this editor somewhere in between it’s not very basic like the windows built-in editor but also isn’t as complicated as the other ones

which I’m soon gonna show you


Number 5 is a shortcut that is available on windows mac and Linux so all of the Linux users out there you should definitely check this out so again this has many features and also has many audio settings

so you can mix tracks after that they also have many transitions then they have a drag and drop feature

this is one thing which i really like because it saves a lot of time after that

you can also export in many different formats and usually, you won’t see this in other editors


these were the five video editors and now I’ll quickly tell you which one you should use

if you’re someone who wants to get into professional video editing then i feel that DaVinci is the way to go after that for a bit of intensive video editing not too basic

but not too complicated then vsdc is perfect and for basic video editing and for first-timers you can try out open short or the built-in windows editor


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