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How To Take a Screenshot In Windows 11 PC

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We’re going to look at the steps to take a screenshot in Windows 11. Using the snipping tool application snipping tools is a new app for windows 11, that replaces the legacy snipping tool and snipping sketch apps the new version, combines the two applications into one new experience, that looks similar to all snipping tools.

It integrates the best features of snipping sketch, so here is how to take screenshots on windows 11. the app allows you to take a screenshot in two ways, you can use the windows shift s keyboard shortcut, to bring up the snipping menu, or you can open the app and use that interface to make the capture, which is the easiest way to take screenshots on windows 11.

Two Ways To Take Screenshot in Windows 11

  1. Use the “Windows Shift S” key on the keyboard to take Screenshot
  2. Open the “APP” and use the interface to take Screenshot

So to do that first open start, and look for the snipping tool, and click the top result to open the app

Then open the application, or what you’re trying to take a screenshot off in this case, I’m just going to open the Settings app, then use the snipping mode menu to select the kind of a screenshot, that you want to take for, example the window mode allows you to take a screenshot of an active window, and to take a screenshot on windows 11.

Using the snipping tool just click the new button and then select the window.

That you want to capture then the screenshot, is going to open into the interface, where you have different tools to annotate the image, you can use a highlighter you can use a pen you have an eraser to delete annotations, that you made to the image.

If you have a touch-enabled device you can use this option, to use your finger to annotate into the image and receiving, a ruler that allows you to create more precise strokes, and you even have a protector as well.

If you need to crop the image you can use the cropping tool to make sure that the image size is what you want.

Then you can Save the image to a file using png, jpg, or gif, format.

Click The Save Button to Save the image.

Take a Full Screen – ScreenShot

If you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen on the snipping mode menu,  and then click the Snip now.

And Click the snip now then click the Fullscreen Snip

As you can see now we have full-screen capture. And that is how you take screenshots on windows 11, using the new snipping tools application. If you like the post so please share and subscribe us

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