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How to Run Android Apps on Windows 11

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How you can run android apps directly on Windows 11. Without needing any third-party emulators, or tools this is new functionality available in Windows 11, and it’s currently in preview, but it should soon become available to everyone.

Windows Insider Program

Let’s check this out running android apps on windows 11, is currently in preview, but if you want to test this out right now, you can do it it’s very easy and it’s also free, you simply have to join the windows insider program, by joining this program, you’ll get to test this out and you’ll also get to see all other functionality before the general public to join the program, check out the Windows Insider once you land on this site click on the button that says register.

Once you sign up for the program in windows update, you can opt into the beta channel, this will give you access to run android apps, now if you don’t want to join this program, that’s okay as well this functionality should likely, come out to everyone on Windows 11, in the next month or two.

Run Android apps on windows 11

Run android apps first off open up the Microsoft store. in the search field I’ll type in an android app.

So i search For a game of kings android app because the game of kings is an android app. I’ll click on this result here i see all of the details of the game and i also see the text that says to go to the amazon app store to get this.

I’ll click on that to load android apps Microsoft relies on the amazon app store, it’s a little bit of a janky setup, but hey you’re now able to get android apps, this is the exact same app store that you would find on say an amazon, fire tablet during the setup process, you’ll need an Amazon account, you’ll also need to install the windows subsystem for android. Which will take a little while to download and lastly, you’ll also need to restart your pc by the end of this flow.

You’ll be able to install android apps, once you finish restarting, it’ll finish installing the windows subsystem for android. also, it’ll then prompt you to log into the Amazon app store now that you’re logged into the app store.

Amazon Appstore

You can see all of the different android apps, that you can install on windows with the preview is currently limited to only 50 apps, but they’re adding more over time and it should eventually have the full collection of apps, that you find in the Amazon app store, now you might be a little confused because we started in the Microsoft store, now we have the amazon app store, so which one should you use to find android apps for any android app.

That you want to install you could go through the Microsoft store, you could search for it you could view the details but to install the app, it’ll kick you off to the amazon app store, so if you really just want to find android apps you might as well just start with the amazon app store.

Requirements for Android Apps on Windows 11

  • Your Windows 11 Version must be Build 22000.282 or higher
  • enabled Virtualization on bios

If you want to check your windows version. then you go to the Run Then Type “Winver’

Resource usage

Here if I open up task manager side by side with an android game, you can start to get a sense for what the resource usage, looks like, and for running a game this looks like pretty reasonable resource usage, this has always been a pain point for android emulators, they require substantial system resources, but having it integrated directly into windows, seems like you get some fairly decent performance.

Windows subsystem for Android

you might have also noticed that it installs something called the windows subsystem for android.

If you search for that name that’ll open up these settings, here you can see all of the different files that your android apps save, to this virtualized environment down below.

you can also decide whether you want it to start up when you start one of your android apps, or you could have it run continuously so depending on how quickly you want your apps to load.


if you don’t have windows 11 or maybe your pc isn’t capable of running windows 11. You can still run android apps and you can use an emulator to do that. So I recommend you to use bluestacks, the reason I like this emulator so much, it gives you access to the full google play store.

That’s a first look at how you can run android apps directly on Windows 11 and in the coming months, it should become available to everyone. If you Like the posts  so share

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