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How to Record The Screen on Your Windows PC

Today I will show you, how to record your computer screen in windows 11 without any extra software. So I will use the Xbox game bar to record our computer screen. There is a great disadvantage of this inbuilt building recorder, and the disadvantage is you cannot record your desktop.

So normal desktop you cannot record, right there you need to play a video game, or you can alternatively, record your google chrome browser. So let me open the recorder first to open the recorder, You need to select the Xbox game bar. if you write here Xbox you will find Xbox gamer in the apps under the apps menu.

Record The Screen on Your Window

  1. Open Taskbar Search and then Search >> Xbox Game Bar
  2. Or Press “Windows + G” key on the keyboard

Alternatively, if you go to the Xbox game bar, you will find the window and alternatively, if you want to find the window, you just need to press windows, so if you press windows g on your keyboard you will find the same window, okay press windows g you can see the same window now appears,

You can now adjust your audio and system sounds, and windows services sounds and recording sounds, and everything you can adjust your recording volume, here you can see speakers headphones recording, and system sounds, you can adjust according to the unit, and then you need to press the record button here,

So if you press the record button, it will start recording, but here if you press the record button, it will not record. So let’s press here you can see here is a message. Gaming features aren’t available for the Windows desktop, to start a desktop broadcast launch a game, select desktop during your broadcast setup,

Chrome Record

That means you cannot record in file explorer, and in the desktop mode, you need to either play or video game, or you can use google chrome, so let’s use google chrome, and then let me show you how to record. So you can see here now I am now in google chrome and now I’m visiting google.com and if I press windows g on my keyboard.

Open “Google Chrome” Then PRESS “Windows + G” Key in Keyboard

you can see the same window now appears so you can see, the recorder has captured this window, you can see Xbox recorder google search, is now showing here,  so what I will do I will press the start recording button, and it will start recording.

So it’s now the recording starts in 3 seconds, so if I browse anything Xbox recorder, so I am just recording the screen, and after 20 seconds I will stop the recording, I am stopping the recording right now you can see it.

Xbox recorder videos location

Now recorded, so where is the recorder location videos capture Xbox recorder.

Go To “C\Users\Type here User Name\Videos\Captures\”

If i minimize this and go to videos then captures, and you can see the Xbox recorder is now showing.

So if i play the video you can see, it will now show you that it has recorded the screen, you can see my screen is now recorded but please be informed, you can record only google chrome and your gameplay in this Xbox gamer, so this is the default way to use this Xbox gamer to record your screen.

If you want to configure this you need to press windows and g, and then you can click settings and here you will find some options, to customize the recorder according to your need, edit more preferences in the windows setting.

select this you will find some options and some shortcuts to make it more customizable. so that’s all for today this is the way how you can use windows. Xbox gamer to record your computer screen within windows 11, and this is the building system to record your screen. I hope you understand how to record your computer screen in Windows 11. Without any extra software, If You like the post so please share

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