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How to Install Fonts on Your Windows PC

If you’re not satisfied with the fonts preloaded with windows 11 and windows 10 and would like a better variety, to choose from. I’ll show you how to download and install new fonts on your pc, This might come in handy for use with one of your office products or, If you do graphic design to spice things up it’s fairly easy to do.

So let’s get to it there’s a ton of websites to download fonts online. Both free and paid, of the free sites two of our favorites include the font, which has a good variety of unique fonts you won’t find elsewhere, and the other free site we recommend is Google Fonts

Which also has a great selection to choose from all of which are completely free for both, non-commercial and commercial use to download any font from any site, just look for a download button and click on it.

When the pop-up opens to make sure that the save file is selected then click ok choose where you want that file saved to and then click save. I’ll now show you three different ways to install fonts onto your computer.

Install Fonts From Right-Click

First, of which is by using the right-click, context menu depending on where you downloaded your font, from you may notice it’s in a zip folder to unpack, it right-clicks the folder and select extract.

Now head on over to that folder with the unzip files look for any files with the true type or open type format true type is dot TTF and open type is dot OTF right click on the file, and you’ll see you have two choices.

If you select to install it’ll install it for your account only, or if you have administrator access, you could select install for all users, this will make that font available for everyone that uses your computer, for this one I’ll select install it should only take a couple of seconds for that font, to install to your computer, and then you’re done.

Install Fonts From Settings App

The second of three ways i’ll be showing you involves using the settings app. This method wasn’t available until 2018 and it’s quite easy as well to do this quickly, go to the search box and type the font select font settings in this window.

You can see all the fonts, that you have installed on your computer here, at the top in the add font section you can easily drag and drop, into the window to install.

Let’s bring up the folder with the new font, select it left click and drag that fonts file to the settings window, and go to the box that says drag and drop, to install.

When you see the copy appear on the screen, let go of the file and your font, will now be installed so let’s go into that window, and here it is it’s called Roboto, did you find that you have too many fonts installed, or just want to get rid of the ones,

That you no longer use it, can be uninstalled from here as well in the available fonts section click on the font,

That you no longer need in this window just click on uninstall, in the pop-up window click on uninstall again, and now it’s gone.

Install Fonts From Control Panel

If you prefer the old school methods I’ll now show you how to add fonts using the control panel. This one will still work if you still use Windows 7 or 8. in the search box in the lower-left type control panel select it.

We’re looking at the same window go to the upper right and in view by select large icons click on fonts let’s bring back the file explorer window.

You’ll notice this font includes many variations, to add more than one thought at a time left-click the first file here at the top hold down the shift key and click the last file in the list with those files highlighted left click and drag those files to the control panel just like with the settings app.

let go when you see the word copy and of course, with more files, it takes a little bit longer to quickly find any font, that you’ve installed go to the search box in the top upper right and start typing the name of that font, and here’s the font we just installed to uninstall, any font that you no longer need from the control panel left click on the font, and from the menu bar here at the top click delete,

Or you can just simply right-click that font and select delete then select yes to confirm and that’s it and now it’s gone.

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