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How To Get Verified On Twitter in 2021

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How to get verified on Twitter, the way you apply changed a few weeks ago, and then almost immediately twitter had to put it on hold, and then they continued onward with the new process, so I’m clearing it all up and walking, you through the new Twitter verification process, so Twitter started rolling out verification applications to everyone, let’s define it really quickly the blue verify badge on Twitter, lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic to receive.

The blue badge of your account must be authentic notable and active, to encourage and maintain trust between users on the platform, you will need to confirm your identity with Twitter in order to be verified. You will usually see these badges on verified celebrity accounts.

Businesses can have verified badges too, and this helps customers know which account is really you or your business alright. So how do you get verified on Twitter, the new process includes filling out an application directly from your profile, you can do it from your phone on the mobile app or from the desktop.

Get Verified On Twitter

  1. So first click the >> More button

2. Then Click on >> Settings and Privacy

3. Click on >> Your Account And then Click Account information.

4. Then under verified click Request verification.

5. After Request Click on start request and follow the prompts.

6. You’ll choose from the list of options they have to describe what type of account you have.

The list of options must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Government
  • Companies, brands, and organizations
  • News organizations and journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and gaming
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

Then you’ll have to choose between two ways, to show that your account qualifies public presence and news coverage, for public presence you have to provide a link to evidence of the substantial presence in public indices, like google trends public stock exchanges, etc.

For news coverage, you’ll have to provide three links from reputable news organizations, that have covered or referenced you or your Twitter account, within the last six months.

How do Twitter accounts get unverified?

Now let’s fast forward and say that you do get the blue verification badge from Twitter. That’s awesome but make sure you don’t do anything to lose it, Twitter has the right to remove your verified badge. if you change your username like you at handle if your account becomes inactive, or incomplete.

If the owner of the account is no longer for which position, they were initially verified and do not otherwise meet twitter’s criteria for verification, since leaving such position or if you begin severely violating twitter’s policies, so make sure your username is what you want it to be permanently before you start applying.

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