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How to Get the Old Context Menu in Windows 11

How to get the old Context Menu in Windows 11 like windows 10 context menu. enable the all or classic context menu in windows 11. if we right-click on an empty space in windows 11, you will be greeted by this new context menu. if we want to access the old context menu. we can click on show more options or use the keyboard combination shift plus f10 so just click on show more options and you can see the old context menu with the refresh button here that some of us really loved.

How to Enable the Old Context Menu

Enable that context menu back in Windows 11. when you right-click on your desktop, it will just open up this menu not this new one, so what you have to do it is really simple all you have to do is to open up a new notepad.

Open up Notepad, and in notepad paste in the following lines of code.







basically, in this location in the registry editor, these registries will be created, with the following dword values, and if we save this as a registry file and run it, the old context menu will basically be found again at a right-click on your desktop.

So now just save this file as I’m gonna save it on my desktop for example give it a name, for example, right-menus, and don’t forget to add the extension .reg and then press enter or save and the file will be saved.

Click on the file then click save as Then type the name with >> .reg

Then all you have to do is to double click on the registry file. that you created double click on it and then click on yes.

on user account control here register editor asks you if you are sure you want to continue. because some registries will be applied or changed.

We’re going to click on yes, and then we’re going to click on ok, what we have to do next is to restart our system and the changes will be applied.

Now after the restart of your PC. if we right-click on our desktop you can see that, we have the old context menu from Windows 10, with the refresh button here.

How to ReEnable the New Context Menu

So that’s how you do it now let’s say later on you want to enable the new context menu from windows 11. back all you have to do is to go in the location of this registry editor.

So basically, it’s this one I’m going to open up Regedit just click on the search box and type in here Regedit open up registry editor on user account control-click on yes.

Regedit go to that location Hkey local machine then system then-current control set then control then go down a bit to feature management then overrides then four and then locate “586” basically the folder the registry folder starting with “586”

If you don’t have to find the location just copy the path and paste.


Here we have the new registries created, that are basically forcing windows 11, to open up the old context menu. if you want to go back to the new context menu all you have to do is to right-click, on this registry folder, and then click on delete, click on yes, and after that, you can exit out from here, and restart the system again. now after we restarted the system again, you can see that we have the new context menu back in Windows 11.

So this is how you can force windows 11 to use the old context menu in windows 11. and then on I showed you in this post, how to get the new context menu back in Windows 11.

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