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How To Enable TPM 2.0 in BIOS for Windows 11

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Today i will show you how to enable TPM. how to check if you could install windows 11. then many of you were probably

met with an error explaining. that you cannot run the os. now it’s not just you even our most high-end builds were met with the same error. however,

it became very clear that it is your pesky bios that are causing the issue now in order for a pc health check and indeed windows 11 to pass its initial checks

you need to have secure boot enabled in the motherboard bios

as well as having a TPM 2.0 chip which stands for Trusted platform module

which quite possibly is something that you have never heard of let alone know.

if you actually have one for those that aren’t familiar with the process of enabling TPM.

well, I’ll be going over how to enable it in this simple step-by-step guide.

How To Enable TPM?

so let’s jump straight into it it’s worth noting that intel and AMD offer different terminology for TPM.

Intel refers to it as PTT and AMD refers to it as ftpm. so reboot your pc and get to your bios by slamming the f2 f11 or delete keys like it’s a game of competitive whack-a-mole

if your bios menu is set to easy mode

you’ll want to change that into advanced mode

you can do this by pressing f2 inside of the bios or clicking the option within the sidebar

inside advanced mode simply navigate to the settings bar by clicking it inside the settings

you’ll see a miscellaneous tab double click it to enter once inside miscellaneous

you should see an option for intel platform trust technology or PTT this is the intel CPM feature simply click it and select enable from the drop-down menu and at this point,

you can simply restart your pc by navigating to the save and exit tab alongside enabling TPM in the motherboards bios

How To Enable secure boot?

so now i will show you how to enable Secure boot. you will also have to enable secure boot

as well this will enable you to complete a full Installation of Windows 11 successfully and here are the steps required

once again jump into the bios by slamming f2 or delete as you’ve just lost a competitive game of Valorem again

you’ll need to select the advanced mode to enable secure boot

you can do this again by pressing f2 or selecting it from the side menu when using the advanced mode

simply click the boot option from the top menu simply navigate to the secure boot tab select it

finally, click the secure boot option and change it from disabled to enabled

once you’ve finished this simply click the save and exit option and restart your pc this will enable both TPM and secure boot on your pc.

having said all of this windows 11 is still some ways off. so knowing whether or not you’ll actually need to use these steps come the official windows 11 launch isn’t certain.

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