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How to Enable Drag and Drop in Windows 11

How to enable the drag and drop feature to the taskbar in Windows 11. This is a feature that we no longer have in windows 11 and a feature that we had on windows 10. of course Microsoft is giving us hints, that the feature will come back in the near future, in the future updates.

Then we have to find solutions for it and use certain scripts, to enable it again. if you trying to drag and drop something on the taskbar, you can’t do it because that function is disabled. So i’m gonna show you, how to do that using a script created by someone from GitHub, this is the link you download from this link.

Click The link to get Windows 11 Drag and Drop.

All the credits goes for him because he created encoded, this script that will help you enable the Windows 11 drag and drop feature, to the taskbar. we are just going to click on download the binary.

Then click on the  windows 11 Drag and Drop to taskbar fix exe to download.

How to Enable Drag and Drop

If you receive this message, don’t worry it is just a script created by a third party. So that’s why it doesn’t have any security badges from windows, just click on keep, because it is a simple script it doesn’t even change any registries. So it is completely safe so this is the script.

  1. Click to run the >> Windows 11 drag and drop exe.

You have to do is to run it, just click on the Dubble click script, and after you run the script. If you open the Script then you will show this window.

2. So now click on the more info.

3. Now click on the Run anyway.

You’re gonna see now the drag and drop feature will be enabled again on your system.

So for example let’s just drag and drop this to the file explorer hold it for a few seconds, you’re gonna see that we can maximize this window, and of course, this script won’t allow you to pin, certain apps to the taskbar, by drag and dropping them, to the taskbar.

but will allow you to use this feature from Windows 10, that was available in which you’d be able to maximize windows, by drag and dropping certain files or things, to their taskbar icon you can also use this script in order to show the desktop. it completely works and that’s really really good.

How to disable?

If you want to disable the script, all you need to do is to click on the search box type cmd right click on cmd, and then click on Run as an administrator click on yes.

and here in cmd type in the following command task kill slash f slash im and then the script name and then press enter.

You can copy the command from here.

taskkill /f /im Windows11DragAndDropToTaskbarFix.exe

Now You can see the success of the process.

So get that command and past to disabled. and as you will see now the script is no longer, you working you can no longer use the drag and drop feature, not on a taskbar icon or show the desktop, button this is a really simple feature. that can be really really useful to windows 11.

I’m not sure why Microsoft disabled it in the first place. but i think they will enable it in the near future in the future builds. If you like the post so share with others thank you.

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