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How to Disable Email Reminder Nudges in Gmail

hello everyone today I’m showing you how to turn off Nudge in Gmail. so basically what is Nudges Nudges is an option for us to remind us whether to reply to some important emails.

And those emails will be appearing on the top of the list of emails whether it’s primary social or any categories.

so in some cases uh we are leaving those emails uh intentionally and we don’t want to replay those emails.

but still, it will appear on the top right now there is no such emails that’s where you can’t see those emails so in your case maybe you have those emails

How to Disable or Turn Off Nudges in Gmail

so we can check in this post how to turn off that one so first of all

you will have to click on the Settings icon

And click on see all settings

now you will be taken under the general tab

just scroll down below and you will see under the conversational view and adjust

so if you click on the learn more you will understand what is an address you can see here turn off Nudges you can see here


you might see all the emails at the top of your inbox with the suggestion to reply or follow up

so even it’s all emails that will be appearing on the top because google or Gmail is consider us as an important email and you forget to replay

in your case, if you don’t want to see those emails on the top uh especially when you have filtered it on based on the dates

which means the new emails are on the top so you don’t want all the emails to appear on the top


that is what you can do you just need to uncheck these options there are two options that suggest emails reply to emails.

you might have forgotten to respond to will appear at the top of your inbox so you can uncheck this one and also there is an option for follow up

if you uncheck this one sent emails you might need to follow up on will appear at the top of your inbox.

you have sent an email and that’s a follow-up email in case

if you haven’t received any replay on that particular email so it will ask you to recent a reminder or follow-up email

so you can even disable these options if you don’t want that all right in my case.

I don’t I need this one and I don’t need the emails because usually if it’s an important email

I will be replying and I don’t want to appear I don’t want the old emails to appear in my inbox on the top all right I hope this post was helpful to you.


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