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How To Create A Drop-Down List in Excel

Today I’m going to show you how to create a drop-down list inside of Microsoft Excel. We’ll walk through creating two different dropdowns. The first will be a dropdown with multiple choices, and the next will be just a yes or no dropdown. now We’ll start by creating a favorites color list. We first create a list of all the choices to select from.

Create A Dropdown List In Excel.

1. At the bottom, choose the plus sign to create a new sheet.

2. We’ll call it colors. Now list all of the choices we want to be available.

3. Once you’re finished, head back to the main sheet.

Enter the question you want to appear. What’s your favorite color for instance here. now, select the next cell, and choose Data from the top menu.

4. Inside of the data menu, select the arrow next to data validation and choose data validation.

5. From the Allow dropdown, choose List.

6. Next, we need to select the source. Choose the icon on the right of the empty field.

7. Then choose the colors sheet at the bottom. Then select the first cell and drag to the last. Once everything is selected, hit enter. It will then input the data into the source. Hit Ok.


8. Now you’ll see the dropdown arrow at the corner of the cell, and when you select it, you’ll be able to choose from the dropdown list we’ve set.

Now, we want a simple yes or no dropdown. There’s a simpler way to do this instead of creating a new sheet just simple, This time we’ll ask, are you sure?

Then choose the next cell, and again data validation. Inside of the Allow dropdown, again and then choose list. But this time inside of the source field, just type yes comma no, and then press Ok. You’ll then see the new drop-down menu has only yes or no to choose from. And that’s how to create a drop-down list inside of Microsoft Excel.