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How to Check If Your PC Can Run Windows 11 | PC Health Check

PC Health Check, just to make sure your system is capable of running windows 11. So i’m going to go through the steps right after, you have to go to Microsoft website, and health check app, that you need to download to test your system, make sure it’s capable.

Once you find the page, you want to scroll down, to where you see a check for compatibility, and it’s going to have a little hard sign with a light blue on top dark blue on the bottom, and you want to download that pc help check app.

Pc Health Check App

Go to the Microsoft Website and download >> PC Health Check

Once you download, it you want to install it into your system click, after downloading and the installation is finished.

you want to click the finish button, and it’s going to run the software that’s going to check your computer, the next window that should pop up on your screen is going to be pc held at a glance, once you get to this window you want to click where it says introducing windows 11.

Click On the >> Check Now that Blue Button that you see on the screen.

Check System Requirements

Then it’s going to pop up the report of your system, if your system meets the requirement, it’s going to say this.

If your system doesn’t meet the requirement, then it’s going to say this.

So right off the bat, you will know before you even waste your time, if you can install windows 11 on the current computer or laptop, that you own now if your system cannot handle Windows 11 it’s going to highlight the reasons.

Why so for instance on this laptop, it’s telling me that I don’t qualify, I don’t meet the requirements, it’s saying that this pc must support secure boot and its requirement to have a TPM 2.0, which this system only have TPM 1.2, and it’s even telling me that the processor inside this laptop doesn’t meet the requirements, to run windows 11.

Now if I click the button at the bottom that says see all results, just for the sake of it

System Passed

Then it’s going to show me what my system passed as far as a requirement, there’s enough memory to run Windows 11 the system, disk space is over 64 gigabytes the processor is two or more cores, even though it doesn’t meet the requirement,

So even though the processor meets certain requirements. it doesn’t meet all the requirements to run windows 11. if i want to continue using it, I can continue using it running windows 10. but I’ll never be able to install windows 11. I am totally qualified to run Windows 11 on this system this is a system that i received last year.

It is more qualified and it’s more up-to-date while this one is telling me it’s six years old, it even tells you right there in the specification, it doesn’t meet the requirement so come October 2025, I’d have to figure out, what I’m going to do just continue using it, after that time frame or upgrade to a newer system

So as you can see on the desktop computer, everything qualifies it meets all the qualifications to install windows 11, I shouldn’t have any issue updating to that system. If you like the post so please share

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