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How to Change Windows 11 Theme Dark | Light

I will show you how to change the windows 11 theme. so if you open the file explorer you can see it’s now in light mode so when the file explorer is in light mode and the taskbar is in the dark mode it looks amazing and it is the perfect match of windows 11 theme

Change Theme

How to make it so to change the theme at first you need to right-click on a desktop in any blank page just right click on your mouse and then select personalize

So make sure your windows 11 is active if your windows is not activated yet you will not be able to change the theme. so go to Color. You will find choose the color so you can see the Light are selected so the current theme is now light.

Select windows light if you select windows lite this is the default theme which comes with windows 11.

So if I now open this pc with the file explorer you can see this is now in light mode and this is now in light mode but when you keep the taskbar in the light mode it doesn’t look it looks very good I will make it dark so how to do this right-click select personalize.

Then go to the Color select color and select the default theme so you can see now the default theme is already selected I have nothing to do here the next thing is background so select the background if you want to change the background you can change the background according to you need but let’s skip the default one too

Dark / Light

So that it looks good the default background is this so i will select I will keep this one the next one is colors this is the main thing of changing your taskbar color now you need to select your color right from here custom so select custom

Now you can see choose your default windows mode it is now in a light mode now you need to select a dark mode from here so select dark and you can see the dark mode is now selected

And the taskbar is now dark it is looking absolutely amazing

And the next thing is choose your default app mode so my default app mode is now light mode by default with the theme if you want to keep it dark mood you can keep it dark but i prefer the light one and transparently effective effect is on so color you don’t need to select any other color just the default color

So this is the way how to change the windows 11 theme and make your windows theme more beautiful.

Change Colors

if you would like to change the color you can select personalized and then select colors and you can select the color from here

You can select the taskbar color. if you select this color it will change the color a little bit but to select the color here you need to select this icon start taskbar and action center. so if you select this one you will see the color will change okay you can see the color is now changed.

but I don’t need this i just i i will keep the default dark color in my windows so you can select the color according to you need this is the way how to completely customize the windows 11 theme and windows color and windows file explorer color.

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