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How To Boost Processor or CPU Speed in Windows 10 / 11

Today I will show you, how to boost the CPU the processor speed, by doing only hi everyone hope you’re doing good well so we are going to boost the CPU the processor speed by doing only two simple steps.

So the performance of your processor will be way better than earlier, so let’s get started so the very first thing at the bottom left search bar type power

Go To Search and then search >> POWER

And you will get an option edit power plan, so I’ll just click on edit power plan. and a window will appear like this, now we need to click on Change advanced power settings.

Click The >> Change Advanced Power Settings

Now once you click on that a window, will appear like this where we have balanced and everything, so we just have to click here and make sure you select the high performance or you might have ultra-high performance

Click On >> High Performance

And then we need to scroll down, and here we are looking for, processor power management let me maximize it, processor power management.

So here we have minimum processor state, maximum processor, state so you just have to expand it the minimum processor state, should be zero, and the maximum processor state should be always hundred.

  • Set The Minimum Processor State >> 0
  • Set The Maximum Processor State >> 100

So here we just have to type hundred percent so minimum zero, and maximum hundred, click on apply and then okay, now there is a bonus tip,

Which we are going to follow, just open the task manager, by just doing a right-click and task manager go to startup and here only disable unwanted applications, you just need to restart the computer. and there definitely be a change in your computer performance.

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