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8 Best FREE Tools for Affiliate Marketing to Boost Sales

REE Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Top 10 free affiliate marketing tools that can help you make more money online these are tools that I use every day in my business and I think when I first started if I would have had a list of 10 free tools that I can use it would have been great because at the time

I was completely strapped for cash and I needed information on how to get this stuff so I want to share that with you today these are 10 tools that you can use to build your affiliate marketing business

it’s great for CPA affiliates especially because a lot of this stuff will be related to buying ads as well as seeing what’s going on out there and trending and all that kind of stuff

 Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Spy tool – Facebook

tools number 1 free spy tool this one is the Facebook Ads library it’s a great tool to spy on what is happening in Facebook ads you couple that with the free audience insights

that is available in the side of your Facebook ad account and you go into audience insights check your niche keywords inside the audience insights find pages that people also like and take those pages to the Facebook Ads library and check.

if they’re running ads this is an easy way to see what is working and where you should be heading when you’re building out your own affiliate marketing campaigns

I do all the time on campaigns that I am running on Facebook these are ads you can obviously use elsewhere but it’s a great way to spy for free tool

Email Marketing

number 2 email marketing how do we get free email marketing software the automation all of that the autoresponders well there’s two options here in my opinion number one is the best option which is Aweber go to day job hacks calm slash Aweber for a free 30-day trial now that is a free trial

which means you’re actually going to have to spend money later the other option is the MailChimp software which gives you two thousand emails a month

it’s great for starting out but it’s much more pricey once you get above two thousand emails and that means if you have five hundred emails on your list you can only send that list for emails throughout the month and that’s it or else you have to start paying so, in my opinion,

the free trial for thirty days at a Weber gives you plenty of time to make your money back and then you’re only spending a small fee every single month

I think it’s nineteen maybe thirty dollars a month it keeps going up depending on how many subscribers you have

but if you follow some of the tools and training that we do in the email marketing course at powerhouse affiliate.com you will see that you can easily make that money back quickly probably before your your thirty day trial is up okay so it to me that is free

Affiliate Tracking – software

number 3 tracking you need tracking as an affiliate marketer there is free tracking software that is free for a limited time until you start really scaling up but for now

if you just want a free tracking sock software check out B mob you can actually get it for free at day job hacks comm slash B mob and you can join for free and I believe you can get-up to a million events before you have to start paying

so if you’re getting a million clicks then you’ll probably have to start paying you can check their plan to make sure but they do have a free plan as well as paid plans

so this is a great way to get started without having spent a lot of money

blogging – WordPress

number 4  blogging the best blogging tool out there is wordpress.org go there you can download it or if you use Bluehost like I mentioned earlier there is a one-click install

inside your Bluehost account most hosting providers should have a one-click install for WordPress

so we’re press is excellent it’s a huge content management platform that allows you to basically just blog set up posts set up pages and it’s really easy to manage and most of the world is using WordPress on their blogs

affiliate marketing spy tool

number 5  spying and competitive intelligence again this one is another trial there are not very many really good spy tools out there that you can have free access to forever

if you want a seven day free trial at semrush so go to day job hacks calm slash SEM rush again you can actually get that for seven days free it is an exceptionally good tool for finding what your competitors are doing

so if you’re into niche marketing and you’re building yourself a niche marketing website this is the tool you need to enter your own website it’ll tell you all the problems that are going on your website with regard to search engine optimization

but it’ll also show you what your competitors are bidding what keywords they are focusing on their rankings

how easy it is for you to beat them in rankings it’ll show you their advertisements their paid ads everything seven things access is actually really good

if you’re just starting a project wants to go in there and check it out see what’s actually happening

if you’ve already built your website and you just want to see a report go in there get your free report at least about your website or about your competitors and this is actually a great tool that you can access for free lastly

image cutting tool

number 6 images I’m gonna be using light shot a lot this is a it’s an application that’s on my computer that allows me to hit one button on my keyboard and it allows me to either screen capture the whole entire page

I can take little sections of the page and this is a great way for me to actually find more images for my ads I’ll usually go to Google search and search images

if I’m doing an ad let’s say about refinancing a home I might type in to refinance home and I’ll see a whole bunch of images on Google search

I’ll click on one of those images and I will click my button from Lite shot and it’ll let me just cut out a piece of that image which makes it 100% original

according to the bots at Facebook or Google if you’re buying traffic there they like to see originality so if you’re copying other people’s pictures especially on Facebook you could be flagged

if you’re not using 100% original images so this tool allows me to cut it out and then I can actually open that image inside make a couple more edits to make sure it’s the right size for my ads

image editing

Number 7 tool the ads that were setting up how do I do that I use gimp.org, I actually use that still I started way back it was a free program it’s it’s basically a photo editing tool

so it has all the features that really you need as an affiliate marketer or a digital marketer for in my opinion most of the images

I use anyway are better when they’re not professional images to be quite honest they perform better when I’m buying traffic so non-professional images are actually not bad to use so a lot of the images

I use in and in edit in I intentionally make them not professional but if you did need professional images and you know really high-quality images also allows you to do that they have many features and tools that I don’t even know what they do but really

it’s a tool that you can download for free literally not pay a penny and it’s a very valuable tool and in creating ads or creating images for your ads

Keyword tools

number 8 keyword research is huge in our business especially if you’re doing niche marketing or at search engine marketing

I’m doing right now which is basically search engine marketing on building web sign and I’m hoping people find it when they search certain keywords so how do I come up with the titles for my Page. how do I come up with the titles for my new blog posts

so  I make sure that I’m targeting people that are actually searching for this tool information. I use a couple of tools one of the best tools in my opinion is the Google search ads tools

so if you sign up to Google search ads for free you can go in there and click on tools and you’ll see what it’s called the keyword planner

you can go in there and click on it and you can enter in any keyword about your niche or whatever topic you’re thinking and you can actually just find a bunch of keywords related to that, the other tool is ubersuggest

this is another great tool that shows you really good insights on keywords and what types of topics you should be focusing your blog posts on or your posts or whatever other content

you’re putting out there online so that is my top 8.

there will be more trust me if there are other tools that you are using that I didn’t mention I’d love to hear

what you’re using I’d like to see you know maybe some other ones.

that I missed I should have mentioned and maybe in the future I do another post or maybe even test them – Tools for Affiliate Marketing

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