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7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools to up Your SEO 2021

Keyword Research Tools

Top SEO tools for keyword research now I was pretty disappointed by a lot of these tools that I looked at and to be honest with you a lot of them really weren’t cutting the weren’t cutting it for me

now you might be using some of these tools you might not I’m a big fan of google keyboard planner because it’s free and it does a lot of what these tools actually do but I’m still going to cover a lot of these tools

so I can show you what I like about them and what I don’t like about them now I’ll start with my least favorite and I’ll go to my favorite tools

basically what I did is I went over some different blog posts that are out there and I extracted some of the links that these blogs were pointing to and I decided let’s do a review on these different tools on these different keyword research tools.

Keyword Research Tools

so we’re going to cover mainly free tools that you can use I will also go over some paid tools as well but I do want to mention that before we get started if you want to grab any of these tools

you can head over to chaseriner.com and you can get access to them by entering in your email

if you enter in your email I’ll send off an email to you with this toolkit

I will also let you into a secret that I have going it’s a dollar trial to my own SEO tool as well as my private group where we do live calls on zoom Wed and Fridays you can try it out for a dollar if you don’t like it I’ll refund your dollar so one thing

I also want to mention is if you want me to I’d be happy to go through all of the different tools that

just going over all my favorite tools uh all of my favorite SEO tools all right so let’s go summon through some of these tools and to be honest with you I stopped looking at them after a little while because

I was just honest uh honestly like really kind of not a fan of a lot of these tools and I was like you know

what I’ve seen enough I don’t have to see anymore but let’s just go over some of the ones that I started out with and for some reason, these tens are lining up over here let’s go over and first of all look at the scale

7 Free Keyword Research Tools

  • secockpit.com
  • keywordtool.io
  • jaaxy.com
  • ahrefs.com
  • moz.com
  • Semrush.com
  • Keywordsnatcher.com


Keyword Research Tools

secockpit.com and uh in order to try this out I think you just enter in your email and I believe you don’t have to enter in a payment action no yes you do so you do have to enter into a payment in order to use this tool

so that’s already uh the first flag that I don’t like the tool I feel like any tool that you want to try out you should be able to try out by just entering your email before signing up for anything

the second thing is you know I looked at the interface actually had to go watch a youtube video for this tool and it was not impressive to me

I a lot of the data that I saw from this tool you can get directly from google keyword planner

I’m not going to go in and spend too much time on this but I just really think that out of all the tools that you could get this is probably my least favorite


Keyword Research Tools

keyword tool now this is I would buy this tool before any of the other tools and the reason why is because it’s the very first tool that actually provides you extra functionality that the other tools don’t um at least

i don’t think they do and really what that is and maybe ahrefs does a little bit but what it is if I type in something like SEO it’s going to do kind of what this keyword snatcher tool

will do it’s going to take each letter and it’s going to basically match it to each thing so it’ll go d SEO b SEO but at least it’ll give me the search volume it’ll give me the cost per click

it’ll give me the competition and it does this I guess on other platforms as well I don’t know if it’s somehow querying the APIs on these other platforms

I doubt it I bet you it’s all just through google keyword planner but maybe um it is no I think it’s all through google keyword planner but um as far as the price goes let’s see

what we got here on the pricing oh gosh I don’t even know where it is I think it was somewhere around it was like 80 bucks a month or I can’t even remember let’s see

if we can log in and that’s the one thing that I also really hate about these tools

I feel like they should make the price somewhat apparent or they should have a pricing page

so that people get to kind of know or get an idea it seems like that’s kind of what the transparent thing would be to do with these companies

it’s kind of frustrating like okay let’s see how I’m gonna have to go like this only for it to tell me I don’t know how I have keyword data oh you know what i might actually have a sponsored account so I can’t see let’s maybe we can do keyword tool dot io uh pricing

well I know it’s somewhere like around 80 bucks 100 bucks 200 bucks whatever it is um but it’s better than the other tools, in my opinion, um it might compare with address a little bit but from the keyword side


Keyword Research Tools

jaaxy so uh another example I believe of trying to sign in I think you also have to pay to get into here looks like I already have an account because I was testing this out earlier and here we go

so um we put in the keywords we press find keywords and we can see here it will populate this and give us just about eight keywords which all of these things, by the way, we can get from google keyword planner

I just want to mention the reason why i am so harsh on these tools is because most of the time all the tools doing is just pulling straight from the API from google keyword planner and it’s not really doing a whole lot else so when you look at these metrics here a lot of them are just kind of like

we don’t even know how they’re getting their traffic estimation we don’t know how they’re calculating their google keyword score we don’t know any of that so

if we want to go and you know start trusting these tools that we have no idea how the data works it’s just again this is another situation

where I’m looking at the tool and I’m thinking gosh this is everything that I’m going to see with google keyword planner all right so suvil now the reason why I scored this at a three out of a ten and the

ahrefs.com – Keyword Tools

Keyword Research Tools

ahrefs so ahrefs i like because and I’ll tell you why I give it a 4 out of 10. I do like ahrefs it I think it’s great I think they have a great keyword tool I think the kid stuff the keyword difficulty that they have is decent um the reason

why I’m not a fan of it is because this is the most expensive tool SEO tool on the market I think the minimum is like 300 a month or something crazy they might have changed it they might it might be less expensive now

let’s actually go see the pricing um we can see okay so now to get started it’s 99 dollars a month you get one user you get 10 000 nobody uses the site audit

I tried the site audit on NHS, not a fan of it rank tracker everybody pretty much uses it for the keywords right so um reports per week 175 keyword lists five SERP updates rows

okay newly discovered so you can see here it’ll only let you see certain things um cert position history last six months um newly discovered keywords I remember

I did end up having an account for the lower price and there’s there are some drawbacks to it but uh you know if you were to get a keyword tool out of the ones we just covered I would get ahrefs before I get any of these other keyword tools

moz.com – Keyword Tools

Keyword Research Tools

moz so another example of a tool that again you have to create an account when you go to log into when you go to create the account you actually have to have uh like you have to fill out what your uh what your agency size is and you know

how big your company is and what’s your position and I’m not even going to sign into it

because it’s just it’s another example of a tool that’s just so unnecessary to have to fill out all this information just to go try out a tool

I guess I can get in so let’s just type in SEO and here we go what I found is that they have this really weird way of estimating search volume instead of just telling you what the actual search volume is that Google is going to tell you

what you know what it is they’re going to tell you this and it’s some weird like estimation

that they have again we have no idea um how they’re getting these exact stats and whether

they’re true or not um and again for a tool like this they’re charging


Keyword Research Tools

semrush.com uh the reason why i like semrush one is that they give you a free trial so you can try it out um but two because they allow you to extract competitor data and give you kind of suggestions around that competitor data

now the funny thing is though is you know you can do this with pretty much any website with google keyword planner but it’s still cool to be able to see this stuff and it’s a lot cheaper than some of the other tools out there uh sentiment checker now this is one that


Keyword Research Tools

keyword snatcher so this tool is kind of cool it’s the reason why I like this one is that there is a functionality to it that is pretty cool and it’s something that you’d have to go and manually do yourself

if you wanted to accomplish something like this and basically what the tool does

I haven’t even used it but I watched a video on it and

what it does and by the way, this video is from 2013 or something

so it looks pretty outdated but it basically goes and it finds um it’ll take a keyword and it’ll find all of the auto-suggests for that keyword

it’ll take let’s say SEO and then it’ll say an  SEO c it’ll take all that and it’ll find all the auto-suggest and save it to a list so i thought that was kind of cool and for uh you know

I don’t know what it is 47 bucks one-time fee I believe yeah one-time payment and you get the software

you’re basically buying a script for 47 bucks so you know

I think it’s kind of cool I think it might be worth it I don’t know if it gives you the search rates I think it might just give you the keywords so that definitely is a downfall but just for getting some keywords kind of cool.